Innovation Partnerships

The European Commission’s Industrial Technologies 2010 conference and Exhibition on September 7-9 proved to be a valuable platform for SusChem to engage with policy-makers and potential collaborative partners.

Speaking on the last day of the three-day event at Brussels’s Tour & Taxis site, Cefic Innovation Manager Ger Spork said: “SusChem is ready and able to take an active role in shaping and contributing to programmes under the Commission’s Europe 2020 initiative.”

In his presentation to the conference Ger had outlined the SusChem approach which combines definition of strategic research needs, deployment of large demonstration or proof of concept projects, and implementation. “To successfully get to rapid market implementation must, in our view, require a collaborative approach that includes input from the full value chain.”

Our proposals for public-private partnerships

“SusChem has already outlined four of its own proposals for public-private partnerships to the Commission in areas that are essential to the Europe 2020 strategy and where the chemical community is ready to take a lead,” concludes Ger. “These four areas are sustainable urban construction, sustainable individual mobility in large cities, resource efficiency in processing, and energy for a low carbon society.”

Collaboration between industry sectors: the only path forward

Traditional approaches may solve today’s individual sectors’ problems – however to achieve integrated, sustainable solutions will require working along the full value chain.

Another key project for SusChem is the “F3 Factory”, presented at the conference by SusChem board member Klaus Sommer. He described it as a major coordinated effort between industry and academia to boost the competitiveness of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing in Europe. This four-year, 25 partner project provides a critical mass involving contributions along the value chain to meet the scale of the technical challenge.

Klaus also stressed that many aspects around Sustainable Chemistry can integrate very well with up- and downstream partner industries and other process industries. The chemistry industry is a key component in very many value chains.

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