Innovation Partnerships

For the second time, Cefic will be an active partner of the European Innovation Summit

Cefic is a main partner of the second European Innovation Summit “Tackling the grand challenges – policy meets practice” which will take place on 11-15 October at the EU Parliament. The chemical sector will be present throughout the event, with speakers and interventions in the following sessions:

  • Europe’s innovation challenges
  • sustainable production and quality of life
  • efficient energy provisions

Another occasion to highlight the key role of the chemical industry in tackling societal challenges through collaboration with the value chain and other industry sectors, as reflected by Cefic’s proposals on future innovation partnerships.

The event is organised by Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) – of which Cefic is a member. K4I is a non-profit, independent multi-stakeholder platform with representatives from the European public, private and academic sectors.

Check out the Knowledge4Innovation website for more info on the European Innovation Summit.

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