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Behind chemical innovations, there is rarely a new molecule. Innovation rather comes from the combination of different chemicals, materials, processes and systems to create new technologies and products. It also requires new business models throughout the value chain.

The chemical industry enables solutions for other industry sectors (e.g. IT, cars), provides active ingredients (e.g. pharmaceuticals) and is a consumer industry itself (e.g. paints, household products). The nature of innovation is changing – so what is the best way forward?

The chemical sector in Europe is vitally important as a provider of chemical solutions and as a key player in our search for Sustainable Development”.

Europe must retain a strong manufacturing base in chemicals, not only because of its own huge contribution to wealth and jobs, but also because of its ability to generate innovations throughout industry as a whole. We need to promote innovation and competitiveness to ensure that the chemicals industry will always have a strategic place in the EU’s economy

Report on Innovation from the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the European Chemical Industry 2007, endorsed by EU Commissioners, Member States, academia and NGOs.

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